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this is about fitness, more than anything else, but you look fantastic. i can't wait to cross that finish line with you. coming up pretty soon. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks, cas. if you want to follow along with me, cas, or any of the other members of the six-pack, check out our website for more on the fit nation challenge. thanks for being with us, everybody. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. this is "cnn sunday morning" i am in for t. j. holmes. a busy night in store tonight. congressional leaders will meet with president obama to meet a reduction plan later today. this is the last time subtle "atlantis" will link up to the space station, live to kennedy
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space center. we're hours away from a meeting with congressional leaders. talks broke down yesterday. the apparent sticking point is taxes and who pays how much. republicans call taxing richer people a job killer. here is house the house speaker, john boehner, sees it. he says quote despite good faith effort to find common ground the white house will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes. i belief the best approach may be focus on producing a smaller measure based on the cuts identified. the white house also talking about expectations at those talks. here is what a spokesman had to
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say about it. we cannot ask the middle class and seniors to bear all the burden of budget cuts here. we need a balanced approach. we believe the american people agree on this. it's a point reinforced by president obama yesterday in his weekly address. take a listen to part of it. >> now, there are obviously real differences in approach, and i think we need a balanced approach. it means addressing the programs. so we can strengthen the programs and protect them for future generations. spending on tax breaks and reductions for the wealthiest americans. >> did you get all that? why should you care? how does this impact you at home? and we have the senior
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congressional correspondent joining us live from washington. jonathan, that's the question folks sitting at home think. how does this affect me? does it have to do with their finances and a possible recession if this does not get solved? >> it certainly could. i think they have to raise the debt ceiling because they sent too much and taxed too little to keep it under what the current law is. they need to get more borrowing authority. if they don't get a deal done, the treasury department said the united states will default on its debts, and the chain reaction there is you start to have lower credit worthiness, and the credit agencies give the u.s. debt lower ratings, and interest rates start to go up, and you will feel that more proudly than in the treasury note area, and you will start to see it more broadly.
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and you could likely have a recession after that, at least that's the argument. >> are you optimistic of tonight's meeting? what if it doesn't happen by the august 2nd deadline? >> i am not sure the august deadline is set in stone, but they are at some point going to raise the debt ceiling, and the question is who pays the price in terms of who gets stuck with the bill for that, and who pays the pain politically for it? and that's what you're hearing going on right now, a lot of positioning and posturing, and at the end of the day they will get something done whether it's on august 2nd -- >> maybe tonight? >> i think it's less likely.
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>> you mentioned taxes. will that affect medicare and how they pay for it? >> there is a possibility what you could see happen is some sort of an agreement where either medicare gets scaled back or medicaid gets scaled back or more broadly the government subsidized medicare part b, and also something called the consumer price index, if is that used differently. and you could end up seeing results for seniors. >> jonathan allen, senior congressional correspondent, thank you for breaking it down for us. >> take care and enjoy your sunday. the president is scheduled to meet with congressional leaders tonight at 6:00 eastern, and if a deal is not cut before
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august 2nd, the country could default on its financial obligations and that could result in a weaker u.s. dollar. we'll keep you posted. republican presidential home full, herman cain is opening his head courters tomorrow. he is seen here at a campaign event last week. betty ford passed away last night. the first ceremony we will be on tuesday, and then one in grand rapids, michigan. mrs. ford will be laid to rest next to her husband, henry ford.
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pennetta is taking on the challenge of battling militants in afghanistan and pakistan as the u.s. prepares to drawdown troops in the region. yesterday he landed in kabul where he assured karzai. >> i assured him that the u.s. is committed to the long-term security of the afghan people and that our goal here is to insure that if afghanistan is stable in the future, and can secure, defend and govern itself so that it can never again become a safe haven for al qaeda and it's militant allies. the word added a new nation
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this weekend. south sudan was recognized as the newest african country. you see the flag there being raised. independence comes after years of fighting between the islamic government and predominantly christian south. the reverend franklin graham spent time in the country and tells us the fight something far from over there. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done. right now you have the mountains being attacked, and bombing the civilians as we sit here today. when we were celebrating peace yesterday, his air force was bombing. >> he attended the inauguration s ceremony. we'll look at the temperatures outside for you. it's a hot one.
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in parts of the country, texas, georgia, and storms -- a chance for storms, reynolds. >> yeah, a combination. i would say between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 is when most will develop. the heat? it's going to be intense, too. a good part of the nation, at least one-third will have places above normal. we will show you who will get what coming up in a few moments, susan. >> makes you want to go to space, right? >> yeah, every day. >> it's docking there, as shuttle "atlantis"s hooks up to the space station. we will take you to florida. >> a fan makes an amazing catch with her ice cream cup. video you have to see coming up after the break. summer plans take them. it pays to switch,
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meteorologist, reynolds wolf, has the forecast. >> you will hope for rainfall, and when it comes you will be dancing through the rain drops. speaking of rainfall, we have had some in places like minneapolis. you had the thunderstorms and the rattling of the windows. the rainstorm is pushing off to the east. green bay, maybe tuning in from sparta, you have the rain on the way. it will be in sparta soon. looking out towards the west you will see the dark clouds and the rain will follow. more rain expected through the upper plains and midwest. the front and moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico. it will be a late afternoon event for many people. as the temperatures warm up between 3:00 and 6:00. with it a chance for large hail,
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and damaging winds. scattered thunderstorms possible in parts of the southeast, especially if florida. and back out towards places like texas and the four corners, you will see dry conditions and then dry conditioning transforming over to parts of rain. california, no rain at all for you, very dry conditions. and starting out to the west, san francisco, your high 79. 88 in salt lake city. denver, 89 degrees. 100 in el paso. 101 in dallas. in chicago, 92 out by wrigley field. a pop-up thunderstorm may cool you down late afternoon. as we wrap it up, boston and new york into the mid-80s. mr. jeter getting his 3,000th hit yesterday. >> that was a big day for him
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and the yankees as a whole. yankees shortstop, derek jeter, reached the historic milestone on saturday. and ray d'alessio is joining me. it's a huge day for derek jeter. >> yankee's fans, they love this guy. what does he do? he goes out and gets his 3,000th hit. he hit it by hitting a home run. one of the nicest guys that as a member of the media that you can interview. and even bigger than him getting his 3,000th hit, and you are from jersey, and you now how rich the yankees players are. joe dimaggio, and none of them never reached the 3,000 hits, and derek jeter the first to do
5:16 am
so. you have the young fan, and the fan who catches the ball -- >> he didn't have to give it back, did he? >> no, he could have sold this ball, and there was talk this ball could have gone for thousands. a life-long yankee fan. what does he say? jeter worked his rear end off. he got to meet jeter, and the yankees went ahead and gave him tickets to the championship suite for the remainder of the season, and he made out.
5:17 am
>> ice cream, how does that play into things? >> actually, guys, if you go to a game with your girlfriend and want to be a hero, maybe catch a foul ball, don't knock it into her ice cream. moves a point you don't need a glove. the ball landed right in the ice cream, and here is my question -- does the five-second rule apply here? >> i think you just frame it. you keep it in the ice cream. >> i don't know if i would want to eat that. i don't think there is a five-second rule there. >> if it were for jeter, you take it out and give it back still. we'll tell you why a treasure hall is being opened. and now there's a saint dedicated to hugging.
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she opened her arms to new york last sunday. we'll explain. ngay pain relief e with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs!
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this story could have easily been cryptscripted for a speilb movie. vaults spotted. who does it belong to? >> that will be interesting.
5:20 am
they found vaults under a temple. it's absolutely fascinating. i want to show you some of the replicas. you are seeing the surrounding area and you can see is not very affluent. that you are seeing right now is a replica of the kind of statue, and that's the hindu god. there's a huge statue like that in the temple. you cannot take cameras into a hindu temple. look at the gold. can you imagine how much it's worth? now, one temple has had other stashes and things discovered over the years, and let's take a look at some of those. it will give you an idea of the kind of treasure lying under the temple in southern india. look at the gold, diamond incrusted trinkets.
5:21 am
>> nobody thought to look before. who gets it? >> it will be very controversial. does it go to the state? you are looking at fascinating, and under the ground is all the gold because indians have been intrigued by gold for many, many years. it's the commodity of choice. like 600 tons of gold is imported in india right there, and ironic under the temple is all this treasure. who knows what other treasure lies under indian temples. >> one man was complaining? >> one man complained about the authorities, and that triggered the search. in about the 1930s, there was a search and apparently snakes underground detoured them from looking further. but how the treasure was unmassed? what it royalty over the years? was it people paying haumage to
5:22 am
the gods. right now it's being heavy guarded by the state. i was thinking, imagine being somebody who had gone in the temple and being part of the temple and never thought to look. >> yeah, and it's right there in front of you. i have a feeling hollywood producers and writers are thinking, you cannot make this up. you found billions of dollars in treasure, not millions. thank you. appreciate it. the crew of space shuttle "atlantis"s is awake and preparing to rendezvous with the space station. the last launch set for an hour from now. we'll go live to the kennedy space center after the break. how many space shuttles have taken place
5:23 am
5:24 am
before the break i asked you how many shuttle missions have taken place oer the last 30 years? 134 missions. the current and last mission is the 135th. speaking of, today is docking day in space. crew members aboard space shuttle "atlantis" has begun maneuvers to hookup to the kennedy space station. how long until docking? >> we have a couple hours.
5:25 am
11:06 eastern time. the space shuttle moving about 17,000 miles an hour right now. they passed over venezuela a few years ago, and then the island of barbados. and just a little while ago, there were pictures sent down from the space shuttle of mission specialists on the flight deck working with one of the computer systems that they will use for the rendezvous and docking at 11:06. before they actually dock with the international space station, there is one important thing they will have to do. as the shuttle approaches, what it will do is, it will actually flip over on its back, exposing its belly to the international space station, and then the crew of astronauts, three of them onboard the space station will
5:26 am
begin to take pictures, and image the bottom, the under belly of the space shuttle, and the reason they do that is they want to look at the thermal area, and they will examine the pictures to make sure there was no damage done to the space shuttle's thermal protection system on liftoff during dissent into orbit. yesterday they used the shuttle's robotic boom and were able to look at the wings on the space shuttle to make sure there was no damage on the wings. a big day today. in three minutes from now, susan, will be the final burn of the space shuttle's rocket jets that they have on there that will put them in the final configuration for that docking, again, at 11:06 eastern time, and a couple hours later there will be a welcome aboard ceremony on the international
5:27 am
space station, as the last crew of a space shuttle visits the space station. >> it's fascinating, the final four up there in space station. >> boy, there's a lot of work there to do. almost immediately, tomorrow they will start to unload that more than 7,000 pounds of goods to stock up the shuttles -- or the space station's pantry and refrigerator for a year, and then on tuesday there is a space walk that will be performed by two of the six space station astronauts, and they will take off an old bump that fails and that pump will be taken and put in the space station's cargo bay, a piece of space junk they don't need up there, along with other junk the space shuttle will be bringing back. there's a lot they have to get
5:28 am
done in ten days. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. how about this? a saint is dedicated to hugging. opening her arms to new york last week. i'll tell you how she touched millions around the world. a then a woman had a close encounter with a bear days after a man was mauled to death. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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30 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i am susan hendrix in for t. j. holmes. key congressional leaders and president obama have a busy night. they try to work out a deal on raising the nation's debt limit. republicans say the white house will not agree to spending cuts without raising taxes. prince william and his wife katherine and their visit to canada in the u.s. today. they will spend their last day in los angeles visiting skid row visiting an arts program for inner city children. betty ford passed away on friday night. the first service is in california, and the second in grand rapids, michigan.
5:32 am
the power of unconditional love westbound experienced through something as simple as a hug. a spiritual leader known as the hugging saint recently shared her message of love with thousands of followers in new york. >> with open arms, she's literally su literally suched more than 30,000 people around the world. she offers words of encouragement and prayer to anybody that comes forward. >> when you see her and she hugs you, you just get rewards beyond belief. >> i was a little bit skeptic. i don't know if it was just love, but it was a beautiful experience. >> an experience shared by thousands at the ballroom where people meditated in her
5:33 am
presence, and people waited in line to soak in her message. >> it's a connecting of the heart. >> she's considered mystic by most, and has been known to sit for 20 hours as a time. >> i don't really expect anything back. and also in true love, that is only giving and not taking. >> her spokesman says embracing the world has given more than $60 million to disaster relief around the world in her native country, india. she's taken in 60,000 orphans. in the united states, she feeds 75,000 people each day through the soup kitchen. >> she feels very connected and a deep sense of empathy. >> she shared heighten
5:34 am
spirituality at a very early age. >> it's much less rare for those that do allow themselves to be swallowed by her embrace. it's easy to be part of. >> she certainly is helping so many people. if you would like to read more stories about religion and spirituality, go to the african-american community hit the hardest. we'll dig deeper into the numbers to find out why the high unemployment rate among african-americans. with professionals,g teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah. [ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. learn more at
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"state of the union" with candy crowley coming up at 9:00 here on cnn. the big question today, debt ceiling negotiations and the big meeting tonight at the white house at 6:00 p.m. >> right, and what is happening. we got buried in the blizzard of e-mail statements last night starting with speaker boehner who seems to be on track with the president to get a big deal,
5:38 am
maybe $4.5 trillion in savings over ten years, and then suddenly this e-mail appears a statement from boehner saying the big deal is not going to work because the president is insisting on tax hikes, and we will not do this so let's get a smaller package of cuts. the white house fires back in their own e-mail saying this is about them trying to protect the wealthy, and we're back to the same arguments we have been arguing for the past, what, two or three months. it's unclear and we will try to get some clarity in the show today to the status of these talks, because we have both sides going not to get some sort of deal by august 2nd is a nonstarter, and most people believe they have to do something about august 2nd. >> do you think this is political positioning going on here? you say just when you think you're getting somewhere the
5:39 am
conversation and solution breaks down. >> there are two things going on here. i think there's just your normal negotiation, you want to put it out there and say we're not going to give, because you don't want to say you're going to give until you do, so there could be normal deal negotiations going on. but speaker boehner has a very conservative flank to his party who has said, and signed pledges, we're not going to agree to any sort of tax hike. and the speaker needs to be able to come back and say i held out until the very last moment. the president has to be able to say to his left, i -- you know, i had to put medicare on the table or spoeshl security, and i held out to the last moment. because the basis is we're in the election cycle. >> you will have people coming on the show to discuss just this?
5:40 am
>> kevin mccarthy, the republican whip, the guy who counts votes. how many votes do we have for this package if we put it on the floor. also chris van hollen, a democrat to talk about how the democrats view this. they have -- a number of democrats have been upset with the president for suggesting that perhaps medicare benefits or perhaps social security benefits were on the table. and rick san tore um was a 2012 presidential candidate, and he thinks the president doesn't get it. >> looking forward to awful those views. thank you very much. keep it here with "state of the union" here with candy. that's right here on cnn. remember that showdown in wisconsin over union rights for public employees? some legislators are facing recall elections this week. here is paul steinhouser with
5:41 am
that. >> a bunch of the presidential candidates will campaign in some of the crucial voting states in the road to the white house, among them herman cain, and tuesday there's a special congressional election in the los angeles area to fill the seat of former representative harmon who stepped down earlier this week. and then a controversial plan to strip labor workers of their rights. we'll learn this week how much money president obama's re-election campaign has brought in since april. friday is the deadline for all of the presidential candidates to report their fund-raising figures. sexual assault victims are
5:42 am
closely following the case of former international monetary fund chief, dominique strauss-kahn. no matter what happens they fear the case will send the wrong message to sexual assault victims about coming forward. the fallout after the break. so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a square foot.
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in new york the former head of the national monetary fund, strauss-kahn is awaiting what is
5:45 am
happening in the charge. here is susan candiotti. >> reporter: natasha is a rape victim, a survivor that overcame fear and humiliation, reported her attacker and testified against him at trial, and he's sentenced to a maximum of 50 years. do you think about the rapist? >> absolutely i think about him. i am not afraid of him anymore. he's just another mugshot. >> she's closely watching the legal debate over whether prosecutors will drop the case against dominique strauss-kahn. there is forensic evidence of a sexual encounter involving a hoe mel maid, but was a crime committed. his attorneys say he will never plead guilty to anybody. prosecutors are weighing questions about the accusers'
5:46 am
lies in the past and think it may be too hard for a jury to overcome. >> how critical is it in your view for both the victim and the attacker? >> in this country you're innocent until proven guilter, and i think that should be the case for the complaining witness as well. >> and she knows some of the prosecutors on the strauss-kahn case, and she's featured in a new documentary about a manhattan sex crimes unit, and she talks about her rape. >> physically i was there, but i almost felt like i was looking down at myself. >> in what way does this case bring you back to what happened to you? >> my life wasn't opened for everybody to poke holes into. certainly i am thinking about that and thinking about other victims.
5:47 am
>> what are people to walk away from after this is all over? >> i certainly hope that we can open up a dialogue. what are some of the laws working in the country? what are some of the laws that aren't? >> one doctor says she's a rape survivor that sound an organization to help victims of violence. >> i think they are sending a terrible message to potential rape victims or current rape victims, if you are not the perfect victim, then you can't find relief in the law, you can't find justice in the law. >> the da says it's not about winning or losing but balancing the rights of those that come before the justice system.
5:48 am
>> thank you to susan candiotti for that. coming up, we all know unemployment is high right now, but in the african-american community, it's shockingly higher. and then hear how one woman avoided the clauws of a curious bear days after a mauling. it pays to discover. control your budget? yes. our "name your price" tool shows you a range of options. you pick a price that works for you. perfect. only one thing could make this better. both: '80s montage! ♪ progressive '80s montage ♪ he drops some boxes, but it's okay ♪ ♪ we keep dancing ♪ hey! it's that guy! ♪ progressive "name your price" tool, yeah! ♪ helping you save. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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"state of the union" with candy crowley is coming up at the top of the hour. first a quick head for the top headlines for you. thank you and good-bye it says, that's the final headline for the tabloid newspaper, "news of the world." it was shut down following allegations that staffers were found to be hacking telephones and bribing officials in order to get news scoops. the space shuttle "atlantis"
5:52 am
talks with the space station later this morning. the shuttle is delivering supplies and spare parts. the crew woke up to sounds of "mr. blue sky." 8:51 eastern time here out of washington where congress and key congressional staff will gather. lawmakers are trying to hammer out a deal by raising the debt ceiling by august 2nd. everybody agrees the june unemployment report is a major letdown. the employment report only 18,000 new jobs were created. unemployment rate went up from 9.1 to 9.2.
5:53 am
unemployment for women is about 8% right now. here is how the unemployment rate breaks down by race. the rate for whites went up 8.1%. and check out for african-americans. >> when you look at the latest job numbers, african-americans have been hard hit, but this is a problem that did not begin with the recession. the job market has not been friendly to mark summers. he has come to this d.c. career center for help. >> apparently, one place is looking at me. >> it's a similar story for african mrnz across the country. the latest jobs report shows the unemployment rate for raftof african-americans is just under 16%. >> so it's always been that way? >> give or take, yes.
5:54 am
>> howard university's processor says this has been always at play. >> unless america makes the significant investment in equality, then african-americans and other people of color, and particularly now hispanics are going to find themselves in a constant struggle. >> the congressional black caucus wants the government to do more. >> this is an urgent appeal to the white house, to the congress, and to the people in municipalities all around the country that we must attack this issue of unemployment and that black unemployment -- >> highly educated african-americans are not immune. even with a phd in chemistry, it has been years since he had a
5:55 am
job in his field. >> i have applied to a number of different places. and it has been an uphill battle. >> they tell you your qualifications were impressive, but you did not get the job. do you think being african-american has anything to do with it? >> i look at the statistics, and i see the opposite. >> i think it's more of a social economic problem. people who are low income having a harder time finding a stable job, so jobs that give them long term financial stability. >> two faces of the same problem, one they both hope their government and society will fix. >> experts say the 16% figure is the official rate, and it doesn't count the countless african-americans that have given up hope and have stopped looking. that's why you see congress
5:56 am
raising the alarm bells to get on the cause. we're now checking stories across the country. not every day a truck crashing into a grocery store halts traffic. a car crashed into the tractor trailer, and it caused the big rig to be rolled up the embankment and into the store. things may have looked more comical than yesterday for the first annual superhero pub crawl. and a write-in candidate, broccoli man. and then you can get all sorts of folks doing the same thing without running the risk of getting injured like the running of the bulls.
5:57 am
campers at yellowstone national park should be on heightened alert after there was a mauling. bear sightings are becoming more common there. >> another too close for comfort brush. >> as the bear approaches her, the bear doesn't charge her but is not backing down either. erin gets ready to make a swim for it. and then kayakers drag her to safety. >> when the guys in the kayak offered to pull me across, i thought that seemed to take that. >> how afraid were you? >> i was pretty afraid. i really was.
5:58 am
>> so were her rescue workers. >> when the bear was getting closer to her, apparently she had an apple in the pack, and we thought it was a good idea to go and get her at that point. >> the park's bear expert takes me back across the lake to retrieve erin's backpack and look for the bear. he keeps a can of bear spray at the race. >> we got her backpack. she'll be happy to get it back, and luckily we did not see the bear. >> rangers say injuries from bear attacks at the park are rare, about one per year and can be prevented. >> if we were approached by a bear, what would you do? >> i would try to back away, and if the bear followed us, i would pull the safety off and fire. >> sometimes it's not just the
5:59 am
animals that get too close. >> as you can see, yellowstone animal's often venture into public places, and that could attract crowds of tourists. the challenge is keeping humans and animals safe. >> because somehow even in thousands of milsz in open wilderness, it can get a little crowded. >> previous to this incident, the last time there was a fatal bear attack was 25 years ago. want to talk more about this with resident and former boy scout, reynolds wolf. >> i don't think they have a merit badge for bear avoidance. >> it would be a picture of bear spray. >> probably so. scary stuff. i think what is happening is you have so many people going into the park, and they have been

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec mp2
Pixel width 720
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 7/10/2011